Airless Spray Guns & Accessories

The new generation of Vector airless guns from Wagner are ergonomic and durable and have been designed for peak performance. All three professional guns are suitable for use with water, oil and solvent based materials. The have a super light trigger action with 1-finger trigger lock, are easy to handle with a smooth swivel and are easy to clean. The handy trigger guard with built-in wrench (Pro & Grip) allows for easy filter changes.

In addition to the advantages of the Pro, the Vector Grip stands out with an industry first exchangable, ergonomic grip. Available in three sizes, the comfortable grips are designed to suit every hand size. The additon of three hooks makes it possible to coveniently hang the gun from a ladder or scaffolding. Add to this a replaceable ball and reversible valve seat for extremely low repair costs.

For the power user, the Infinity takes things to the next level with a fully adjustable handle to customise your fit, and an ‘All Day’ Trigger for extreme comfort. With a pressure rating of 5000 psi, the Infinity is the go-to option for high production use when you’re spraying all day.

Airless Spray Guns & Accessories

Airless Spray Guns & Accessories


1 x Red Filter - Super Fine (for stains, varnish, glazes) 0.084mm

$13.10 RRP


1 x Yellow Filter - Fine (for undercoats, lacquers, primers) 0.14mm

$13.10 RRP


1 x Green Filter - Coarse (for filler paints, hi build) 0.56mm

$13.10 RRP


Vector Grip - Medium Handle Grip

$16.80 RRP


Vector Grip - Large Handle Grip

$16.80 RRP


Seal Kits (Pack of 5)

$48.30 RRP


Vector 2-Finger Trigger

$49.90 RRP


Vector 4-Finger Trigger

$49.90 RRP


TradeTip 3 Base - G Thread

$54.00 RRP


Pack of 10 Red Filters - Super Fine (for stains, varnish, glazes) 0.084mm

$72.00 RRP


6" Extension Pole with Base (G Thread)

$95.00 RRP


12" Extension Pole with Base (G Thread)

$99.00 RRP