Flexio 590

  • The perfect all rounder, the Wagner Flexio 590 (which replaces the popular Flexio 585) is an all-purpose indoor and outdoor paint sprayer with nine speeds. Complete with a sturdy storage case and second Standard spray attachment for fine-finishing, it is the first sprayer that’s perfect for any project – indoors or out.

    With adjustable air pressure, the power of the turbine can be varied to suit any coating perfectly, for precise control. The volume of paint can also be adjusted to suit the material being sprayed and the project type.

    The i-Spray attachment allows interior acrylic paints to be atomised undiluted to achieve even paint coverage and a perfect finish. You can also spray thick exterior acrylics onto coarser surfaces. Instead of applying two coats of paint with a brush or roller, spray the same amount of paint in much less than half the time.

    The Click & Paint™ gun design allows for the spray attachments to be changed quickly and simply which makes changing colours and clean up a breeze!

    This product carries a 3+1 year DIY warranty.




    • Powerful X-Boost Turbine is three times more Powerful than traditional high-volume, low-pressure sprayers, enabling it to spray any coating undiluted
    • Revolutionary iSpray technology provides up to 60% more airflow to provide smooth, even coverage with any coating
    • X-Boost power dial adjusts air pressure for precise control
    • Model Number
    • 2361541
    • Power
    • 660 W
    • Capacity
    • 1300ml / 800ml
    • Atomisation Power
    • 200 W
    • Max Viscosity
    • 4000 mPas
    • Paint Flow
    • 0-500ml / min
    • Weight
    • 1.9kg
    • Height
    • 350mm
    • Width
    • 430mm
    • Length
    • 170mm


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