F230 AirCoat Spray Pack

  • The ideal solution for contractors who want to achieve the perfect finish with far less overspray than an airless system and much greater control.

    Ready to spray both water and solvent based materials. Comes complete on trolley with F230 Airless Diaphragm Unit, Compressor, 10 metre ultra flexible dual Hose Package with protective cover, AC4600 Premium AirCoat Gun with Green Air Cap, Reversible Tip Base and Seal, plus 2 AirCoat Tips of your choice.

    The F230 is also available as a 3-in-1 AirCoat, Airless & Electrostatic Spray Pack




    • Precision & Control: The air and material pressure gauges give precise information about the set parameters, providing excellent control
    • AC4600 AirCoat Gun: Ergonomic design for perfect painting results. The smooth running air, material swivel and the manually replaceable filter housing make it very user friendly
    • Green Air Cap: The spraypack is equipped with the green air cap and suitable for spraying both water based and solvent based materials. It's air consumption is up to 30% lower, saving energy and thus costs
    • Part No.
    • 0524009P
    • Voltage
    • 230 V / 50 Hz
    • Motor rating
    • 0.56 kW
    • Max delivery
    • 1.25 l / min
    • Max pressure
    • 2800 psi
    • Max tip size
    • 0.019"
    • Weight
    • 40.6 kg


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