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For power and reliability you can depend on Wagner’s range of airless sprayers.

Backed by the most powerful warranty in the industry, Wagner airless sprayers offer quality and durability for interior and exterior applications. With airless spray technology paint is drawn into the gun and pressurised. It is then forced through a small orifice (through the spray tip) causing it to atomise.

Airless sprayers provide a high quality finish with greater productivity to get the job done quicker with less down time. Whether your project is simply a fence or garage, or a full-scale commercial jobsite, Wagner has an airless sprayer designed and built for your needs.


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Airless Spray Guns & Accessories

Now with 30% lighter trigger pull than other similar guns in the market, Vector drastically reduces fatigue. With the added benefit of 2-finger or 4-finger trigger options, and new interchangeable hand grips, spraying has never been more comfortable.

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Reliable and innovative technology for increased performance. The perfect range of pumps for lighter work through to large commercial projects.

A piston pump delivers paint to the surface using high pressure, caused by the up and down stroke movements of the piston. There is very little overspray created because no air is used in this atomisation process.

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The SuperFinish models have wear resistant tungsten carbide valves and solvent resistant polyamide diaphragms. Wagner’s QLS (Quality Long Stroke) technology, optimised hydraulics and the special valve technology provide improved performance. The longer stroke of the diaphragm enables a very wide range of materials to be worked with, from thin liquids to high-viscosity materials.
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Finish Diaphragm

Reliable and long lasting Diaphragm Technology

For entry level professional projects and small jobs in the workshop, through to larger projects and building sites. Ideal for spraying doors, frames and windows or any other applications requiring precision.

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Petrol Operated

For times when access to power is limited.

Wagner has a large range of petrol operated models to suit every application - the lack of a power source need not be a problem.

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HeavyCoat hydraulic piston pumps have been specially developed for working with high viscosity, aggressive and abrasive materials.

They are characterised by their large flow passages and high suction power which also allows them to be used with multiple guns, on large projects. Quality and durability assured.

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Tips & Filters

From our revolutionary HEA tips that reduce overspray by up to 55%, to FineFinish and linemarking tips, Wagner has a huge range to fill all needs.

It is important that the right filter is paired with your tip, to ensure an efficient and trouble-free spraying experience.

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Since their introduction, PowrBeast direct immersion hydraulic piston sprayers have been the choice for serious contractors for large scale residential, commercial and industrial applications.

HydraStroke Technology provides unmatched durability and performance, powered by digitally driven hydraulics.

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Titan PowrTwin hydraulic piston sprayers have a well-earned reputation for durability and dependability among serious contractors for large scale residential, commerical and industrial applicatons and mutli-gun usage.

With accurate pressure control ranging from 400 to 3300 psi to spray low viscosity primers to heavy-bodied finish paints.

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