Universal Sprayers - Flexio

Finish your painting projects fast with Wagner’s most powerful DIY handheld sprayers!

  • 10X faster than a brush
  • Spray paints and stains with no dilution required
  • More paint control for less mess
  • Great for indoor and outdoor projects
  • Easy 5 minute cleanup
Universal Sprayers - Flexio

Universal Sprayers - Flexio

Flexio 575

$199.00 RRP

Flexio 570

$219.00 RRP

Flexio 590

$265.00 RRP

Flexio 890

$299.00 RRP

Flexio 690 Extra Spray Kit

$299.00 RRP

Flexio 990 Direct Feed

$379.00 RRP

Flexio 950

$414.00 RRP

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What is the difference between an airless sprayer and an HVLP sprayer like the Flexio range?

Airless Sprayers atomize coatings by forcing the product through a small tip opening at very high fluid pressure. The fluid pressures range from 1200-3600 PSI. Airless sprayers are capable of spraying larger surfaces at higher speeds. Airless sprayers have more overspray than HVLP which is the amount of product that does not adhere to the surface you are spraying.

HVLP sprayers are classified as a finishing tool. The pressure from the cup supplies paint to the gun, where a high volume of low pressure air intersects with the paint stream breaking the paint into small particles called atomization. Since the spray pressures are much lower, the atomized paint has less bounce back. This means less overspray and better control.

What is the difference between the Flexio 570/590 and the Flexio 890, 950, & 990?

The Flexio 570 and 590 are handheld sprayers in which the turbine is held in your hand. The Flexio 570 comes with the iSpray attachment, the Standard spray attachment, and is a two speed (hi and lo) sprayer. The Flexio 590 also comes with the iSpray attachment, the Standard spray attachment, and has 9 speed settings.

The Flexio 890 and 950 are stationary sprayers in which the turbine sits on the ground delivering air power through the hose to spray coatings with adjustable control to maximize coverage and minimize overspray. With the turbine sitting on the ground and not in your hand, there is less operator fatigue.

The Flexio 890 has a 3.5m air hose, with handy storage within the case. It comes with the i-Spray attachment and Standard spray attachments.

The Flexio 950 is a direct feed sprayer with the ability to draw paint directly from the paint can, allowing you to work faster for longer! It’s handy spray lance gives you extra reach for high walls and ceilings, whilst also reducing the weight (with the paint being fed from the ground up). It has a 3.5m hose, allowing a working radius of 8.5m. The Flexio 950 also features an ‘auto-clean’ setting, which helps to flush out the paint lines when you’re done.

The Flexio 990 is also a direct feed sprayer, drawing paint directly from the paint can. The turbine is still held in your hand with this model, making it a great compromise betwen the Flexio 590 and 950 when it comes to working speed and portability.

Why does air continuously come out when I turn my sprayer on?

The W200, Flexio 950, and Flexio 890 are bleeder guns. With a bleeder gun air flows continuously; the trigger only starts and stops the paint flow. The W890 has a switch on the hand-piece that can turn the airflow on and off as well.

What is the iSpray attachment used for?

The iSpray attachment, which will spray unthinned coatings including acrylic paint and stains, is ideal for big surface projects such as spraying walls, sheds, fences etc… It will provide a roller-like or slightly stippled finish.

What is the Standard spray attachment used for?

The Standard spray attachment is your all-round attachment for a variety of paints and stains. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, where more control and a smoother finish is desired over the iSpray attachment.

What is the Brilliant spray attachment used for?

The Brilliant spray attachment is best used on your fine finish projects such as spraying cabinets, furniture, doors, trim etc. It will provide a smoother, finer finish than the iSpray and standard attachments. Depending on your material, the Brilliant Spray Attachment may require some thinning of your material in order to spray properly.

What types of coatings can be sprayed through the Flexio series?

The Flexio series will spray water-based or oil-based paints and stains.

Do not spray or clean with liquids having a flash point of less than 38ºC (100ºF), reference the paint can. Flash point is the temperature at which a fluid can produce enough vapor to ignite.

Do I have to thin the material?

This will depend on which front end is being used, along with the specific coating and temperature conditions.

The iSpray attachment – This front end will not require thinning for most materials.
The Standard spray attachment – This front end may require thinning.

If you are having trouble with the spray pattern, we would recommend thinning down the coating, or warming the temperature of it in order for it to more easily be atomised by the sprayer.

What should I use to clean my sprayer?

When cleaning, use the appropriate cleaning solution (warm, soapy water for latex materials; mineral spirits for oil-based materials). Always check the back of the paint container for appropriate cleaning solution.

For more information on cleaning your paint sprayer, see our helpful videos on the product page for your specific product.

Is the Flexio series recommended for indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, the Flexio series are indoor and outdoor sprayers.

Can I spray the ceiling with the Flexio series?

Yes, you can. For the handheld sprayers (Flexio 570, 590 & 990), we recommend keeping the maximum tilt of the sprayer to a 45 degree angle to avoid any chance of paint getting back into the turbine.

The stationary Flexio models (890 & 950) are the preferred options for ceilings, as the gun is separate from the turbine and can be tilted back farther.

When spraying ceilings, ensure that the paint suction tube (located inside pot of the spray attachment) is facing to the rear of the unit, so that it is collecting paint from the lowest point within the container once tilted.

Where can I get parts for my Flexio sprayer?

Parts can be purchase through your local retailer, Wagner online or by calling us direct at 1800 924 637.

What is the warranty on the Flexio range?

Flexio sprayers offer a 3+1 year warranty, giving you piece of mind that your sprayer will see you through many DIY paint projects! To learn more about the warranty, or to register your product please visit the Warranty page at www.wagneraustralia.com.au