Protec 2K 65-110/110 – With Flush Pump

Protec 2K 65-110/110 - With Flush Pump

  • The WAGNER PROTEC 2K takes over the precise dosing of the components as well as the elaborate and time-consuming mixing. You will be surprised how easy the system is to use. It operates almost as simple as a 1K piston pump!

    The advantages are easy to see:

    • You save time because you don’t need to mix or stir any material in advance.
    • You save material because you mix only as much as you need.
    • You work without being concerned that the pot life will expire before completion of the coating.
    • You save time and material because you do not flush the entire system in case of a longer interruption of work, only the parts that contain mixed material will be flushed (mixing block, material hose, spray gun).
    • You avoid coating defects: The correct mixing ratio is determined by the system and guarantees the best possible coating quality.




    • Mixing Ratio
    • 1:1
    • Pressure Ratio
    • 65:1
    • Max Operating Pressure
    • 6000 psi
    • Flow Per 30 Double Stroke
    • 6.6L
    • Flush Pump
    • Optional
    • Inline Heater
    • Optional
    • A and B Hoppers Litre
    • 27 each
    • Hose Length
    • Options
    • Weight
    • 190kg


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