In collaboration with professional contractors, a new generation of turbine has been developed with quality and functionality at the forefront. This new technology covers a much wider spectrum than today’s HVLP technology and offers Xtra performance. With 60% higher air volume and 30% greater coverage than other low pressure devices, Wagner’s XVLP units provide excellent atomisation performance.

Both the Wagner FC3500 & FC5000 XVLP systems (consisting of a turbine and various spray attachments) allow for varnishes, high viscosity lacquers and standard water based paints to be sprayed with a quality finish that a painting professional would expect.

  • Perfect for smaller projects, repairs and touch ups
  • The ultimate tools for the painting professional
  • Range of Spray Attachments for all Projects


XVLP Paint Can Adapter

$89.50 RRP

XVLP Standard Spray Attachment 1ltr

$167.00 RRP

XVLP Fine Spray Attachment 1ltr

$167.00 RRP

XVLP Wall Spray Attachment 1.4 ltr

$167.00 RRP


$595.00 RRP


$1,295.00 RRP