Category: Conventional Spray

Conventional Spray

Conventional spray guns use compressed air to atomise paint and apply it to a surface. Air and paint enter the gun through separate channels and are mixed using an air cap to form a controlled spray pattern.

Paint can be fed to a conventional spray gun via different methods. These vary from a cup attached to the bottom of the gun which supplies the paint by suction (suction fed), or a cup on the top of the gun which supplies the paint by gravity (gravity fed). Gravity fed guns generally require less air than suction fed guns and generate less overspray.


Coating Atomization Technologies (CAT) are part of the The Wagner Group. Founded in 1997, C.A.T provides extensive years of experience in the design and manufacture of spray finishing equipment. Focusing their expertise, C.A.T. offers the most comprehensive line of precision atomising nozzles and aircaps available to compliment its line of professional grade spray guns. Committed to quality and research, C.A.Technologies continuously strives to bring the latest innovations to the industrial and automotive spray finishing industries. The CAT product range complients the existing Wagner industrial product portfolio.

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