AirCoat Pneumatic

In the AirCoat process (Airless + Air) the material is uniformly atomised at a relatively low pressure (from about 870 PSI depending on the material) using a piston pump or a diaphragm pump. This is ensured by the central air guide (air cap) which is fitted immediately at the tip bore and surrounds the sprayed medium like a coat.

In comparison to Airless and Air spraying, the overspray is greatly reduced. This provides a saving in material of up to 15% against the Airless process and of up to 40% compared with air atomisation.

Wagner AirCoat tips are manufactured to the highest precision. Thanks to the improved geometry of the tip core, Wagner has succeeded in further reducing tip and pump wear. The spray result is soft and uniform.

AirCoat technology for high quality coating results
Fast application
Very low overspray
Long service life
Increased productivity
Increased paint savings
High productivity
Soft spray pattern
High transfer efficiency
Precise adjustment for greater control
Superior performance and finishing results
Ergonomic and well balanced gun with light trigger pull
Tool-free filter removal

AirCoat Pneumatic

AirCoat Pneumatic

Titan AirCoat 423 Pneumatic Spray Pack

$6,235.00 RRP

Titan AirCoat 620 Pneumatic Spray Pack

$7,795.00 RRP