An electrostatic field is generated between the electrode in the gun head and the grounded work object. The paint particles are charged and attracted by the grounded object. This effect increases the efficiency significantly compared to non-electrostative systems. The “wrap-around” effect allows the operator to paint items such as pipes or hand rails without changing position.

Wagner has developed a unique multi-swirl system. As paint passes through the nozzle it starts a swirling motion. This produces a soft spray pattern with an increased “wrap-around” effect.

  • Metal protection & finishing
  • Wood finishing
  • Plastic finishing
  • Aerospace industry
  • Automotive components
  • Motorcycle parts

  • Solvent and water based materials
  • 1K & 2K paint
  • Primer and top coat
  • Low/medium/high solid material
  • Paints and release agents
  • PU and epoxy material
  • Metallic paint
  • UV paint

  • Lower paint consumption
  • Enormous time savings
  • High surface quality
  • Reduction in waste disposal costs
  • Higher performance
  • Innovative technology for any application