Spraying a dog house

Spraying a dog house

Does your old dog house need a fresh coat of paint? Painting the dog house will not only make it look more attractive, but it will seal the wood to preserve and protect it from the weather. It's quick and easy to spray your dog house with the Wagner FLEXiO 585 sprayer and give it a fresh new look!

To check out the project video on our YouTube channel please click here.

1.  Protect your garden or decking area by laying out large Wagner drop sheet in the area where you are going to spray the dog house.

2. Prepare the surface by making sure that it is free of dirt, dust, mould, etc. If there is an existing coating use a wire brush to scrape any remaining flakes of varnish or stain from the surface.

3. For any rough patches, use medium-fine sand paper to lightly sand along the grain to get the surface to a smooth finish. If there is an existing glossy finish, sand the gloss back to a dull finish.

4. Wipe down the sanded surface with a cloth or brush to remove any remaining dust.  Use a hose to wash any dirt and loose particles off and allow the surface to dry thoroughly.

5. We recommend you also protect yourself by wearing protective clothing and safety equipment such as, eyewear, gloves and a mask.



1. If you are spraying the roof a different colour to the rest of the dog house like we have in this project, you will need to mask up the roof. You can use old newspaper and masking tape. Also have a few pieces of cardboard handy to use as spray shields if required.

1. Choose a quality water based exterior product. Determine how much you will need for the project (refer to your local paint supplier). For our project we purchased two x 1 litre tins of premium exterior water based acrylic paint.

2. Following the Flexio 585 instructions, pour the paint straight into the pot of the PerfectSpray attachment, no need to dilute. We recommend you start by spraying on cardboard or scrap wood to get a feel for the sprayer and so you can try each of the different spray settings. Once you’re comfortable, you’re ready to start spraying your dog house!


3. For this project we are spraying the walls and the roof two different colours so we have the roof masked with newspaper. Starting with the walls, follow the length/grain of the timber and start your spray motion from top to bottom, moving up and down across the wall from left to right, pulling the trigger at the first edge of the surface. Once you reach the end of that length release the trigger but continue the spraying motion of the gun past the edge. Repeat this process, overlapping the sprayed surface by approximately 50% on each pass. It is important to begin and end the spraying motion of the gun past the surface; pulling the trigger at the first surface edge and releasing the trigger just past the other edge. This will prevent any heavy paint build up at the edges.

4. Spray a second coat if required, when touch dry (the surface does not have to completely dry).

5. To use a different colour for the roof, you can use a second spray attachment (can be purchased separately) or you can use the same spray attachment (see clean up). It’s quick and easy to change colours with the Click & Paint system, the spray attachment separates from the gun in under 3 seconds.


6. If using two colours, use cardboard to act as a spray shield as you’re spraying the 2nd colour onto the roof. Simply hold it under the roof edge and move it along with the sprayer to avoid getting the roof colour onto your freshly painted walls. Spray the roof repeating steps 2 – 4.



Clean up
Once you’ve finished spraying, it is important to follow the simple cleaning instructions for the Flexio 585 sprayer to ensure maximum performance of the unit for your next project. For water based products, simply wash the container and spray attachment in warm soapy water taking care to clean the nozzle area and suction tube thoroughly. For oil based stains, pour some turps into the paint container, connect it back up to the gun, give it a good shake and spray it out until it’s clear. Fast and easy!



To check out the project video on our YouTube channel please click here.


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