Wagner XVLP & HVLP systems offer the best atomisation in the industry...


In collaboration with professional contractors, a new generation of turbine has been developed with quality and functionality at the forefront. This new technology covers a much wider spectrum than today’s HVLP technology and offers Xtra performance. With 60% higher air volume and 30% greater coverage than other low pressure devices, the XVLP handheld provides excellent atomisation performance.


The Wagner XVLP system (consisting of a turbine and various spray attachments) means that varnishes, high viscosity lacquers and standard water based paints can all be processed through a system to achieve a quality finish that a painting professional would expect.


Traditional HVLP technology from Wagner produces very low psi and coupled with the Magnum II gun provides excellent atomisation power. The Dual Filtration System is the most advanced in the market. It uses two filtration chambers for atomising and cooling air for a cleaner, smoother finish.

FinishControl / FineCoat

Ideal for finishing and detailing with solvent based materials...

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