How to Paint a Surfboard

Surfboards aren’t just for the beach anymore . . . use some blue tape and a detailed front end and spray a personalized pattern that fits your style. Then show it off on the beach, as a home accent or as a seasonal coffee table. Marine paint comes in a plethora of colors and with a bit of painter’s tape you can create a multicolored pattern all your own.



Select two or three colors that work well together. We used a plaid summer shirt as color inspiration.


Wash, wipe and dry board. For the best final finish, coat the surf board with oil based primer. Dry thoroughly.


With a ruler, mark and tape off a design. Line the front end detail nozzle sprayer cup with a plastic liner to make cleanup a breeze, and then fill with paint. Spray an even coat of paint over a taped-off surface. Let dry and repeat with second color. Remove tape immediately and continue drying for 24 hours. Spray colors and designs of your choice to personalize and upstyle your surfboard.