W200 Wood & Metal Sprayer

W200 Wood & Metal Sprayer


  • Suitable for small to medium sized precision spraying tasks, the Wagner Wood & Metal Sprayer is an excellent choice for spraying doors, skirting boards, architraves, trims, furniture, wooden toys and much more. Wagner Wood & Metal Sprayers have been designed with the patented ‘Click & Paint’ system which allows for the front end containing the wetted parts to be quickly and easily removed from the gun.

    Precise paint application with enamels, varnishes, glazes and wood preservers. Hand-held design with 3-way adjustable paint jet. Split gun design for easy cleaning. Turbine is separate to hand piece allowing for easy movement.

    This product carries a 3 + 1 year DIY warranty.




    • HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) system with new gun design
    • Click & Paint gun design allows the front end and gun to be quickly and easily separated in under 5 seconds
    • The On/Off trigger on the gun activates the motor so that it only runs when spraying, increasing the life of the unit
    • Three stage adjustable paint jet horizontal, vertical and round
    • Model Number
    • 2361515
    • Power
    • 460 W
    • Capacity
    • 800ml
    • Hose Length
    • 1.8m
    • Pressure
    • 6-8 psi
    • Flow Rate
    • 150 ml/min
    • Coverage
    • 5m? in 9 min
    • Viscosity
    • 170 DIN-sec
    • Height
    • 265mm
    • Width
    • 115mm
    • Length
    • 430mm


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