W95 Exterior Sprayer

  • The Wagner W95 Exterior Sprayer is a lightweight, affordable alternative to painting large areas by hand. Using airless atomisation, it sprays a low mist, giving you a seamless beautiful result.

    The W95 Exterior Sprayer is ideal for spraying wooden garden fences, wooden gates and lattice with light-bodied materials such as fence stains & lacquers.

    Comes complete with a 0.8mm round nozzle for optimal spray pattern. Initially set-up to spray water based paints, however different swirl valves and nozzles are available as accessories for spraying different materials.

    This product carries a 3+1 year DIY warranty.




    • Includes 0.8mm nozzle for optimal spray pattern
    • Lightweight, compact design
    • Easy to clean and maintain
    • Practical to use, no tools required
    • Model Number
    • 402041
    • Power
    • 70 W
    • Capacity
    • 600ml
    • Pressure
    • 1740 psi
    • Flow Rate
    • 140g/min
    • Viscosity
    • 60 DIN-sec


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