Get that deck ready for Summer with a fresh coat of stain or oil.

The Wagner DeckMate makes the job quick and easy and removes the need for messy paint trays. 


For new decking boards ensure that the surface is free from dirt before you begin. For boards that have existing stain it's a good idea to give them a good clean with a high pressure washer. Alternatively, using a hard brush and a quality deck cleaning product, give the boards a thorough scrub down and allow to dry.


Using the DeckMate
Fill the container with your chosen stain or oil. You can use both water and oil based products with the DeckMate. Adjust the dial on the container to get a slow, steady flow of product down through the handle and into the pad. You can adjust the flow again once you begin to get more product flowing through or to decrease the amount coming through the pad onto the boards. Run the pad along the full length of the boards with the brush through the gap between boards. This will coat the sides of the boards. 

When you have completed the full deck, the pad can be removed, washed and stored ready for next use. Alternatively replacement pads can be purchased for next use.

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