Spraying A Feature Wall

Spraying A Feature Wall

Feature walls are a quick and easy way to give your room a fresh new look without breaking the bank! With the revolutionary WallPerfect W565 sprayer, you can get that feature wall done in no time, 3 times faster than using traditional methods!


Preparation of surface

  • Wash the surface removing all dirt and grease.
  • Fill any holes or dents in the plaster by using a recommended filler product (refer to your local paint store).
  • Lightly sand any filled areas and imperfections to a smooth, even finish.
  • Wipe down surfaces with a soft broom/brush or cloth to remove any dust.
  • We recommend you also protect yourself by wearing protective clothing and safety equipment such as, eyewear, gloves and a mask.


  • Using blue tape, mask off anything that could get painted over on your chosen feature wall, such as windows, skirting boards, door frames and light fittings.
  • Cover all floors and furniture with heavy duty Wagner canvas drop cloths.
  • It is best to remove any window furnishings, however if this is not possible then cover with lightweight plastic drop sheets or masking film.


  • Select a premium interior paint in your chosen colour (refer to your local paint supplier).
  • Following the W565 instruction manual, pour the paint into the paint container. You are now ready to spray.
  • Using the narrow spray setting, start spraying at the edge corner of the wall. Then using the wide spray setting, work systematically up and down, across the wall, overlapping each of the sprayed sections by approx. 50% on each pass. Keep the spray gun 20–30cms from the surface, and move at a steady pace. This will help you maintain a smooth, even finish and will avoid over applying paint. If you produce any runs or drips, simply wipe them off with a heavy rag or thick paper towel before the material dries, and re-spray that section of the wall.
  • Allow the first coat to dry thoroughly and then repeat the process with a second coat if required.


Removal of masking tape/paper

  • Allow the paint to dry thoroughly before gently removing the masking tape.
  • Note - If the paint is still wet when removing the tape then the paint may bleed onto the protected surface.
  • Dispose of all tape, paper or plastic thoughtfully.


  • Once you have completed the project, it is important to follow the simple cleaning instructions for the W565 to ensure maximum performance of the unit for your next project. Simply unclick the spray attachment, pour the excess material back in the can. Then wash the container and spray attachment in warm soapy water and dry it off with a rag. Fast and easy!




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