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For medium up to very large DIY projects.<\/p>\n\n

High Efficiency Airless:<\/strong> Innovative technology that allows users to spray with highest controllability and performance under reduced system pressure.
\nLess overspray:<\/strong> Reduced pressure leads to a softer and more controllable spray resulting in reduced overspray.
\nMaximum control<\/strong>: Slightly feathered edge allows for better finish when overlapping spray patterns.
\nLess fatigue:<\/strong> Reduced pressure in the system results to less bounce back of gun and lower trigger pull force.
\nLonger Equipment Life:<\/strong> Lower spraying pressure puts less stress on the system<\/p>\n\n

\nContent (Spraypack)<\/strong>:<\/p>\n\n

  • HEA Control Pro metal gun<\/li>\n\t
  • HEA hose 15m<\/li>\n\t
  • HEA Tips 311, 515, 619<\/li>\n\t
  • HEA Nozzle extension 30cm<\/li>\n\t
  • HEA Inline filter<\/li>\n\t
  • HEA Pressure Gauge<\/li>\n<\/ul><\/span><\/div>"}