Wagner Group

Wagner Group


The Wagner Group is a technology based, global manufacturer of leading edge equipment and systems for the application of coatings. The Wagner product portfolio comprises of two main divisions:

Decorative Finishing – Consumer/DIY products through to Contractor/Professional

Industrial Solutions – Liquid & Powder Coating application solutions for industry

Wagner provides customer solutions through more than 70 company-owned branches and service offices globally and has 1,700+ employees worldwide.



Josef Wagner, the founder of the company, set up the Josef Wagner Foundation in Friedrichshafen in 1972 and the Swiss Josef Wagner Foundation in 1975 in Altstätten.


 In 1980, for the administration of this foundation, Josef Wagner appointed an independent 5-member foundation council, who had to administer the income from the assets of this company and thus those of the foundation.  The Josef Wagner Foundation ensures the continuation and preservation of the company and makes it possible to provide support for charitable organisations.  




Joseph Wagner, the son of a residential property owner, was born in Augsburg, Germany. 

1946Business Establishment


After the end of the Second World War, Joseph Wagner established a business trading in machine tools and goods which were needed in the post-war period (hair combs, wood glues, putty). 

1947Registration of Trading Business


The Wagner Company is first entered in the trade register as a trading company.

1953The "Whisker"

Saw the development of the first electric spray gun “Whisker”. It was then that the Wagner enterprise as we now know it began. In 1954 the first volume production of electric hand tools commenced, such as a grease gun with pressure regulation up to 800 BAR.



The company had grown to a turnover of approximately 1.4 million Euros (in today’s terms) and had 57 employees. A three floor factory building with a staff canteen and a block of flats for employees was built.

1964Diaphragm Technology


Saw the development of a diaphragm type airless paint spraying machine which began a new chapter in the story of the company. The market share of this new generation of products grew steadily.

1970Expansion Through Europe


Wagner became the largest manufacturer in the world of electric spray guns and Europe’s largest manufacturer of high pressure airless paint spraying equipment. 



The Wagner headquarters in Friedrichshafen was extended and by then had 400 employees. At this time Joseph Wagner founded another independent manufacturing company, Wagner International, in Switzerland. Over 20,000 electric spray units per month were produced at that time and exported into over 80 countries.

1972Joseph Wagner Foundation and US Expansion


Joseph Wagner sets up the Joseph Wagner Foundation, which ensures the preservation and continuation of the company and makes it possible to provide support for charitable organisations. For the largest sales market, the USA, this year also saw the introduction of a sales and marketing company in Minnesota, USA.

1975Swiss Foundation


The Swiss Josef Wagner Foundation is established.

1977Wagner Australia Established


Saw the formation of a department for industrial painting systems and Joseph Wagner was awarded the Cross of the Order of the Federal Republic. Wagner Spraytech Australia was also established as the sales and distribution centre for Australia and New Zealand. In 2002, Wagner Spraytech Australia moved to Braeside to premises which were purpose built to support the growth in the Australian market.

1978Production Plant Established in Minneapolis


Production began at a new plant in Minneapolis, USA. At this time another new plant in Stuttgart, Germany ensured the growth of the industrial business.

1978New Headquarters


The building of a new product and administration site in Markdorf, Germany was required to accommodate the 1200 + employees and the export of products into over 100 countries throughout the world. 

1986Market Leader in Powder Coating Equipment


Wagner became the European market leader in powder coating equipment as the product range is continuously expanded and improved. Wagner achieves technical leadership in this product range throughout the world.

1987Death of Joseph Wagner


Death of the company founder, Joseph Wagner.

1995DIY Range Expansion


The product range in the consumer area has been continually expanded to include paint roller equipment, heat guns, wallpaper strippers and solar garden lights. These expansions are achieved by self-development and acquisitions of other companies.

1998Shanghai Subsidiary Established


A Wagner subsidiary is established in one of the world’s biggest markets, Shanghai, China. 

1999Wagner Acquires Titan

Wagner acquires the Titan Tool Company in New Jersey, USA. This leads to Wagner becoming the second largest supplier of paint spraying equipment for contractors in the US market.

2000Company Restructure

A new manufacturing business is founded in the Czech Republic which concentrates on producing consumer products at favourable cost levels. In the same year, the WAGNER GROUP is restructured.  WAGNER International AG is the holding company for all operating units. The owners of the holding company are the two Joseph-Wagner-foundations in Switzerland and in Germany.

2005Nespri-Tec System

Saw Wagner achieve a breakthrough in mist-free spraying on building facades in consultation with science, industry and contractor businesses. The Nespri-Tec System received the award for outstanding work in the trade from the Minister for the Economy and Labour of the Federal Republic of Germany.

201260 Years On

60 years after its foundation, the Wagner Group is now a worldwide enterprise created from a modest beginning all those years ago. Today the group has around 1700 employees, 19 operating companies and approximately 50 international Wagner agencies worldwide.