Flexio 585 voted "Best Tool of 2014"

Flexio 585 voted "Best Tool of 2014"

10 June 2014

The readers of the largest DIY magazine in Germany "Heimwerker Praxis" (Handyman Practice) have named the Flexio 585 sprayer "Tool of the Year 2014" in the category of power tools!  This prestigious award affirms that the Flexio 585 is outstanding not only in its design, but also in its usability.

Among other things, the magazine highlighted: "Throughout our testing of the Flexio, the results achieved were consistently very good - regardless of whether it was in the application of paint to interior walls, wood stain, varnish or wood preservative".

The Flexio 585 sprayer has also recently been awarded as the winner of the Red Dot Design Award and honoured with a "Special Mention" from the German Design Award Council for outstanding product design.

With the revolutionary iSpray nozzle technology everything from interior wall paints to varnishes and lacquers can be sprayed perfectly. Two spray attachments for thick and thin viscosity materials offer a wide range of applications making the Flexio incredibly versatile. It will spray walls, doors, furniture, wooden terraces and much more with ease. The powerful X-boost turbine can process almost all conventional materials with no need for dilution. Variable airflow control as well as horizontal or vertical adjustable spray pattern ensures fast and even coverage. With a speed of up to 3m²/min you will be able to spray a standard room in around 12 minutes, or your favourite outdoor chair in just a few minutes making it the fastest sprayer in its class!

For more information on the Flexio 585 visit www.wagnerflexio.com.au.




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