HeavyCoat Hydraulic

The powerful range of HeavyCoat hydraulic piston pumps have been specially developed for working with high viscosity, aggressive and abrasive materials.

They are characterised by their large flow passages and high suction power which also allows them to be used with multiple guns, on large projects. Quality and durability assured.

The material pump of the Heavy Coat units is driven indirectly by hydraulics. The shovel piston has a distinctly longer and slower stroke than with direct drive electric pumps. The high suction power improves the application of high viscosity materials. The low wear rate and resulting long service life of the HeavyCoat units are further benefits of hydraulic technology. The surfaces of the cylinder and piston rod are coated with an extremely wear resistant layer of hard chrome, making them able to withstand aggressive and abrasive materials. Pressure can be smoothly regulated up to 3625 psi for pefect matching and overlapping. 


The patented SSP ‘Special Spray Power’ is a unique development that makes application much easier, especially when spraying high viscosity materials such as spray fillers, adhesives, fire retardants and bituminous paints. The special design of the system means that the pump is continually filled with sufficient paint material by the shovel piston, making it possible to work without pulsation or malfunction. 



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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 Items