Air Assisted Airless Finishing Systems

Now the professional painter can have the benefits of both airless and air spray technology at their fingertips...

Wagner air assisted airless fnishing systems (AirCoat) enable the completion of mirror finish projects with a minimum of fuss. These systems use a combination of low pressure airless paint atomisation through a fine spray tip, with the added benefits of air to optimise the spray pattern and provide greater spray fan control. These benefits all add up to the ultimate finishing tool for all applications where a superior finish is required.

Introducing the new Wagner P.A.C.K - Portable AirCoat Kit, converts any airless pump into a Fine Finishing AirCoat system in just minutes!

  • Portable
    - Stores and transports easily in your work vehicle
    - Compact and easy to carry case
  • Versatile
    - Compatible with any airless pump, anywhere on the worksite
    - Sprays water or solvent based materials at lower pressure, reducing overspray
    - Material savings of up to 30%
  • Affordable
    - Powerful, lightweight, maintenance-free and oiless air compressor
    - No need for inline moisture trap or air filter
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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 Items