Control Pro

Makes it easier to paint like a pro!
Compact Airless System with up to 55% less overspray.

The typical high-pressure airless spray system is an application method still considered only for use by professional painters & decorators. In the past, the everyday DIY home renovator may not have used these devices because of the high pressure - this changes now! The new user-friendly High Efficiency Airless technology by WAGNER, in short HEA, ensures that the spray gun is much more controllable, with overspray reduced by up to 55%. Surface finishing expert WAGNER now offer DIY sprayers that are equipped with this new HEA technology, the Control Pro range.


With HEA, even first-timers can produce beautifully painted surfaces, just like a professional. With an innovative new spray tip design and a very efficient pump, the ground-breaking technology enables the user to spray with significantly reduced pressure and maximum control – resulting in a softer spray pattern and up to 55 % less over-spray when compared to conventional airless technology. There are many benefits to this new technology, especially when spraying indoors. Less overspray also results in more efficient usage of paint since less paint is wasted when spraying. 

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 Items